Select the Branches section from the main menu.

In the opened window, you will see the following information:

  1. Username
  2. First name
  3. Device Count
  4. Branch status: active, blocked, or pending
  5. Actions

You can filter the list of data by selecting the branch status: active, blocked, pending in the upper right corner of the window.

You can search for a branch by typing in a customer's name in the upper left corner of the window.


How to edit branch data

You can change the branch name, data, and password, block the branch or delete it.

Select the Branches section from the main menu.

In the Branches section, click the Edit button on the branch name bar.

In the Edit Branch window, you need to fill in the information about the branch.

Fields marked with a star * are required.

  • Fill in the branch name in the Name field.
  • Fill in the email address.
  • Choose a username.
  • Choose the number of devices for the branch that allows sales managers and distributors to access the system.

You can attach up to 180 devices, depending on your price package.

You can also fill in the following fields:

  • Phone number
  • Number
  • Select an invoice type from the list.

Next, fill in the Legal Info of the branch.

  • Tin
  • VAT Rate
  • Legal address
  • Supply Location
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Number
  • In the Description field, make notes concerning the branch. You can use up to 255 characters.

VAT field data cannot be changed.

In the Edit Branch subsection, you can change the branch data, click the Save button, or Cancel if you do not want to save the changes.

You can change the branch password by clicking the Change Password button.

In the opened window, enter the new password and click the Save button.

You can temporarily block the branch by clicking the Block button.

To change the status of a blocked branch, click the Edit button in the branch name bar.

In the opened window, select the Activate button.

Click the Confirm button or Close if you do not want to confirm the action.