In the Products section, you can add your products, view product details and updates, edit their data, delete them, and group products into folders.

Select the Products section from the main menu.

You will see the following information about the products and folders in the opened window.

  1. The main picture of the products and folders
  2. The name
  3. Type: product or folder
  4. Quantity
  5. Price in ascending or descending order
  6. In the Modified field, you will see the dates of the last changes made to the products and folders.
  7. You can edit or delete folders and edit products through the Actions field.

The Actions field includes the following functions:

  1. Edit
  2. View
  3. Quantity
  4. Details

You can make changes to the product data by clicking the Edit button on the product line.

You can see the details of the product by clicking the View button in the product line:

  • Product Name
  • Product price
  • Product Unit
  • Product Barcode
  • Product description
  • Product main picture.

By clicking the Quantity button in the product line, you can add  the input and output quantity of products. From the Distributor list, you can select the distributor who will access the added data.

Clicking the Details button on the product line, you can see the history of actions performed through the Quantity function.

You can also filter the list of data by selecting the product type- input or output, and by the date in the right corner of the window.


How to add products?

Select the Products section from the main menu.

In the upper right corner of the opened window, click the Add new + button to add the product details.

Fields marked with a star * are required in the Add Product section.

  • Fill in the product name in the Name field.
  • Add the price of the product.
  • Specify the product unit

If you enter the VAT data in the System Settings, you will see the selling price of the product in the Price field when you enter the cost price of the product in the Cost Price field.

  • If you fill in the Excise Rate field, the excise tax will be automatically added to the selling price of the product.
  • You can not make changes in the available field from this subsection.
  • From the list in the Product Unit field, select the measurement unit of the product. In this list, you see the pre-selected units of measurement in the Settings section.
  • Add the product barcode to the barcode line so that the distributor can easily find the product in the system by simply scanning the product barcode.
  • Introduce the product and make important notes about it in the Description section. You can use a maximum of 255 characters in the Description field.

You can select 1 main and 3 additional pictures for each product to present the product details.

Click Choose icon to select the product's main image that will appear in the product line.

Select Choose the files button and upload product pictures to add more product photos.

To create a product, click the Create button in the upper right corner of the Add Product window.

To cancel and return to the previous field, click the Cancel button.


How to add products if you have them in XLSX format

Select the Products section from the main menu.

Click the Import icon in the upper right corner of the opened window.

With the Import button, you can simply upload your products to the system in XLSX format.

To import the Products from the file window, you need to select the branch, then click the Choose File xlsx button.

Download a sample XLSX template to see an example of the format required by clicking the Download button.

Click the Upload button to confirm the upload. To cancel the performed actions, press the Cancel or X button.