In the Payments section, you can see the payments made by the sales managers or distributors and the payment details.

Select the Payments section from the main menu.

In the opened window, you will see the list of payment data.

  1. Order ID
  2. Branch
  3. Distributor
  4. Customer
  5. Total Amount
  6. Type
  7. Payment method
  8. Date of creation

You have the option to filter the list at the top of the page by selecting the type of transaction type:

  • Payment status: completed or pending
  • Payment method: cash on delivery or bank transfer

To make changes to payment methods, go to Settings.

  • Period
  • Branch
  • Distributor
  • Costumer

For details on payment, click the View button in the appropriate line of the order list.

How to delete the payment information?

Select the Payment section from the main menu.

To delete payment information from the list, click the Delete button on the corresponding payment line in the menu.

How see the payment address and the partner's address on the map?

Depending on your package, you will be able to see the payment address registered by the sales manager or distributor and the customer's address on the map.

You can get acquainted with the price packages of Araqich system on the price list page.

Select the Payment section from the main menu.

Before viewing the map, you can see the red, yellow, and gray logos for each line in the Payment section.

The green mark indicates that your distributor or sales manager registered the order from the customer's address you specified.

A yellow sign means that the order was registered outside the specified address.

Gray sign indicates that for some reason, the address could not be determined (GPS is off, the customer's address is not listed, or this function is not included in the package)

And if you want to see the address the order was registered from, click the View button in the corresponding order line from the order list.

How to confirm the payment?

Select the Payment section from the main menu.

To confirm the payment, click on the green panel at the end of the payment line.

The approved payment cannot be changed.


How to add payment?

Select the Payment section from the main menu.

Click the Add button in the right corner.

Then fill in the appropriate fields.

Click Create button.

You can either confirm the payment immediately or leave it unconfirmed.